Ink Washes
Fine Art Photo Series
These photographs were made by painting a solution of rubbing alcohol and waterproof ink onto a sheet of acetate. The sheet was then cut into 35mm sections and scanned as slide film.

The nature of the ink/alcohol solution is such that a few sweeps with a saturated brush will morph and shape-shift on their own, with little or no direction/involvement from the artist. The accelerated drying of the wash due to the alcohol content allows for the ink to clot in its own pattern, rendering highly detailed, intricate, organic designs.

The photographs end up being a record of the process by which they were created - a testament to the behavior, beauty, and creative power of the materials themselves without the presence of the artist's hand.
Ink Wash #6
Ink Wash #1
Ink Wash #9
Ink Wash #7
Ink Wash #4
Ink Wash #12
Ink Wash #11
Ink Wash #5
Ink Wash #10
Ink Wash #8
Ink Wash #2
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