Further Still: A Game of Telephone
Fine Art Photo Series
This series is designed to mirror arguments that a religion's theological history and chronological history don't always match. Much like the children's game of Telephone, time and opinion have a way of altering meaning. When applied to a religious study or observance, this principle can lead to the alteration, loss, or manipulation of an initial wisdom.

Using titles that allude to a particular time period or attitude, and by using the manner in which works of art throughout history have depicted the Biblical story of the "Forbidden Fruit" (depending on the social and political climate of their day), the photographs (intended to be viewed in sequence) trace public sentiment toward and use of the story by first depicting fruits indigenous to the proposed geographical location of the Garden of Eden. The series slowly descends into absurdity by depicting fruits that would have never appeared in the original version of the story.
Present-Day Syria
Present-Day Iran
What's Cannan?
Hebrew Is Not Greek
The Council of Nicea
Malleus Maleficarum
Florence C. 1569
Still Life
China's Apple Import
Peaches and Cream
Berries and Champagne
You Put The Lime In It
Where Women Roar and Men Thunder
What's The Snake For?
I Don't Know What They Are, But You Can Get Them In Chinatown...
Do You Believe In Dragons?
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