Sea Monsters
Fine Art Photo Series
My hunt for the most general definition of fear led me to "The Unknown" - the idea that people fear what they don't know. Further study led me to the conclusion that it isn't "The Unknown" that's fearful, but is instead what our imaginations project onto what we don't know that makes us afraid.

Inspired by sea demons of folklore and the mutant demons of late 15th/early 16th century Dutch painter, Hieronymus Bosch, this series, presently comprised of eight Frankenstein-esque sea creatures made from the parts of actual sea life (sutured, pinned, and glued sea food - no Photoshop construction), is intended to showcase human fear.

Based on the notion that Fear is the irrational product of a run-away imagination, the series attempts to uncloak and conquer the emotion by transforming sea monsters into whimsical, archetypal visual icons that symbolize fear, rather than create it.
Sea Monster #1
Sea Monster #2
Sea Monster #3
Sea Monster #4
Sea Monster #5
Sea Monster #6
Sea Monster #8
Sea Monster #9
The Collective View - MFA Thesis, 2016
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