Watching The World
Fine Art Photo Series
The photographs in this series are double exposures made in-camera during a tour of Italy.  Like the photos in my "x2EXP" project, a roll of film would be shot, rewound, and forgotten for about a week before being re-fed through the camera and re-shot without remembering or caring about what was already on the film.

The resulting images are unplanned, unexpected layerings of people, places, and things historically linked, though temporally out-of-place. They have the ability to act as a kind of small, segmented, historiographical map of an important piece of Western culture - an accelerated and perhaps slightly haunting display of change, and a way of looking forwards and backwards at the same time.
x2EXP 51
x2EXP 58
x2EXP 60
x2EXP 61
x2EXP 69
x2EXP 73
x2EXP 78
x2EXP 79
x2EXP 84
x2EXP 85
x2EXP 88
x2EXP 89
x2EXP 90
x2EXP 92
x2EXP 91
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