Fine Art Photo Series
The photographs in this series are double exposures made on film while in-camera.

A roll of film would be shot, rewound, and forgotten for about a week before being re-fed through the camera and re-shot without remembering or caring about what was already on the film. The resulting images are unplanned, unexpected compositions of people, places, and things.

This project is a personal go-to series that will, most likely, never be finished, and the 19 images posted here represent an amazingly small fraction of the number of images that actually make up the series. The project is one I use to relax my mind while sharpening my eye when going through a period of “artistʼs block,” or if I feel things have simply gotten rusty, or slow. The images are always a surprise, and I often use them as a tool to re-inspire myself and regenerate my creative juices.
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